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Only Humans Can Lead.  That's Our Focus.

Now, more than ever before, we need to balance digital technology with human capabilities.

We call it Leadership!

Digital technologies help us work, learn and socialize fast and effectively...from anywhere.

On the one hand, we continue to invest in and embrace these impressive technologies.

On the other hand, we must remember digital technology can never replace the

sophisticated, emotional, complex and creative human mind, nor can it compare to the magic of connecting and interacting face to face with human beings.

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Leadership is a phenomenon that occurs

when a person uses certain mindsets, behaviors and skills to drive positive results and to thrive in our constantly changing and complex world -- and helps others do the same.

- Katy Caschera, Founder, Need2Be, Inc.

Katy Caschera

About Need2Be

It's only human to want a better life and a better world.

While artificial intelligence and other digital technologies continue to transform our world, we believe it is the human energy, human interaction, human connection and human leadership that will lead to a better today and tomorrow. 


Why We Exist

To inspire and equip all people to be what they need to be to thrive in an increasingly complex, digital world.  Only humans can lead -- that's our focus. 



How We Do It

In our in-person face-to-face learning experiences, driven by human energy, we bring people together to connect, interact, learn and lead as human beings.

What We Do

We partner with organizations of all types and sizes to customize and share our highly acclaimed programs, methods, and tools to develop vital human leadership capabilities: core values, positive attitudes, empowering mindsets, authentic social behaviors, creative and critical thinking skills.  Together we improve the lives of people, enhance organizational success, and co-create a highly desirable culture for our communities. 

The Results

People are leaders...

  • Energized

  • Striving to be their best

  • Successfully navigating constant challenges and change

  • Building and maintaining mutually respectful relationships

  • Inspiring others to lead positive change at work, in school, at home and in our communities



Overall engagement, morale, and productivity surge.  Individuals and teams thrive.  Organizations exceed expectations, and communities prosper.  Together, we live in a better world.

To learn more, contact us today!

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Cntnt - What we do

What differentiates Need2Be Bootcamps from other leadership programs -- it takes participants weeks or even months in other programs to learn what Need2Be participants learn in a one or two day BootCamp! 

Katy Caschera

Founder & President, Need2Be Inc.

As a subject matter expert and consultant in the field of leadership and people development, Katy Caschera's passion for developing leaders, along with her captivating and high-energy delivery style, is so contagious that it unleashes the self-worth and leadership potential of her participants.

Our Story

Past, Present and Future

A Look Back

In 1996, feelings of desperation came from my own personal and professional struggle and my growing concern for the future of my two boys who were 10 and 12 at the time. 


Two questions kept me awake at night:

"Why do some people thrive despite enormous life challenges, while others barely survive even though they seemingly have everything?"

“What do I 'need to be' to succeed in life and what do my boys 'need to be' so they can succeed no matter what is handed to them in life?" 


I was inspired.  In the summer of 1997, I purchased the domain name, and founded Need2Be, Inc. 

Fast Forward to Today

Need2Be, through innovative and proven organizational and leadership development strategies, continues to help organizations, including global Fortune 500 companies, schools and start-ups, succeed.  We collaborate with you, your team & other key stakeholders to enhance your organization's overall performance and to sustain your competitive edge by attracting, engaging, developing and retaining the best people.  

Today and Tomorrow

Successful organizations realize digital technology and even artificial intelligence cannot take the place of the sophisticated and complex human mind.  Successful organizations will deliberately focus more education, training and development resources to build and enhance human leadership -- how we live, interact and connect as human beings.  Need2Be can help.

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Who We've Helped 
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Our Team
Get To Know Us



At Need2Be, Inc., we’re extremely passionate about what we do, which translates into rewarding results and positive customer experiences. Our many years of experience, fresh creativity and unwavering dedication sets us apart from the competition and distinguishes Need2Be, Inc. as the preferred leadership and organizational development company.

Anchor 5 - Our Team
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Katy Caschera

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Need2Be Inc.
Coach | Facilitator | Consultant

Katy has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, corporate leader, educator, thought-leader, author and business consultant.  She has a BS in Education and an MSA in Business and Leadership. Katy continues to innovate around leadership development, organizational development and talent management solutions to help individuals, teams and organizations be what they "need to be" to succeed.

Louie Caschera

Coach | Advisor, Need2Be Inc.

Louie is an experienced and successful IT change leader, CIO, executive leader, entrepreneur, author, coach and advisor.  With over 25 years of experience, Louie continues to share his very rewarding and successful business experiences and knowledge with others, and loves doing's his passion.  As a career coach, he specializes in helping others realize their value and self-worth.

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Our Services

Research shows organizations who value and develop people competencies and capabilities will continue to enhance and sustain their competitive advantage today and into the future. 

We have a proven track record of successfully developing people within organizations through a fast paced, in-person, learn-by-doing approach that combines assessments, one-on-one coaching, peer learning sessions, skill building, and opportunities to tackle real strategic challenges and even generate breakthrough multimillion dollar innovations.

For organizations to thrive today and in the future they must have: 

  • Resilient individuals who quickly navigate constant change, complexity and uncertainty

  • High employee engagement, morale, and productivity

  • Individuals who are inspired and inspire others

  • Cross-functional collaboration

  • Teams innovating and creating new value with break-through thinking and doing

  • Workers at all levels driving positive change and transformation

  • The ability to attract, engage, develop, and retain the best people working in your organization

  • People working together toward the same goal

  • Teams innovating ways to increase revenues and/or reduce costs

  • More efficient and effective Managers

  • A hybrid work culture that supports both in-person and remote workers

  • Overall health and well-being of the people

  • A highly diverse and inclusive workforce

  • People demonstrating excellent social skills and emotional intelligence


Need2Be can help organizations achieve all the above...this is what we do!  Contact Need2Be to learn more.

Anchor 4 - Services
Consulting and Program Design

Optimizing Human Potential

We consult with all types and sizes of organizations specializing in making sure the people side of business supports and enhances your products, services, processes and technology to sustain your competitive advantage! 

  • Organizational Effectiveness & Development

  • Professional & Management Development

  • Change Management

  • Talent Management

  • Leadership Development

  • Career Development

  • Innovation Teams 

  • Culture Transformation

  • Entrepreneurial Ventures

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Employee Engagement


With our consulting service, we ensure all details are simple, seamless and handled in a timely manner. Whenever you work with Need2Be, Inc., you can trust that you’re in great hands.

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Facilitation and Coaching

Tapping Individual & Group Purpose and Results

Multi-million dollar ideas and improvements are being implemented by organizations as a result of our coaching and facilitation of individuals and teams.


We facilitate teams to:

  • become one unified team

  • explore opportunities

  • start up new projects or ventures

  • discover & focus on a shared vision

  • get them back on track

  • innovate solutions to complex challenges

  • resolve conflict

  • maximize their performance

  • achieve and exceed goals


Whether coaching one-on-one or coaching in groups, we partner with each individual and take them through a creative and critical thinking process:

  • assessments

  • self-discovery

  • reflection

  • exploration

  • learning

  • action-planning

  • strategic planning and execution

  • feedback

As a coach, we help people upgrade their beliefs as to what is possible, tap into their emotions and strengths, and enable them to choose the most appropriate things to say and do to advance their personal and professional life.

Services - Consulting

Experience the power of face-to-face human energy to boost learning and leadership development.

We tailor or customize our BootCamp around your organization's values, vision, mission, goals and key leadership competencies.


We don’t use slides, computers, a remote connection or any other digital technology.  Instead, in-the-moment coaching, dynamic facilitation, peer interaction, and use of FRESH methodologies, models and tools generate powerful bursts of:


  • meaningful dialogue

  • critical thinking

  • creativity

  • collaboration

  • social interaction

  • human emotion

  • skills practice

  • self-reflection and peer feedback

  • action planning

What differentiates Need2Be BootCamps from other leadership programs -- it takes participants weeks or even months in other programs to learn what Need2Be participants learn in a one or two day BootCamp!

They leave the BootCamp energized and equipped to immediately start leading positive change in themselves and others at work, at school, and home and in their community.

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BC LeadingEdge Leaders at ALL Levels 5-2

Developing Leaders at All Levels.  Individuals at any level and any role in the organization overcome obstacles, seize important opportunities, accomplish ambitious goals, achieve aspirations and reach their peak potential with joy and purpose.

BC Team 5-27-21.PNG

Come Together, Work Together, Succeed Together.  Team members come together, in-person, to understand each others strengths, build trust, focus on a shared vision, align goals, overcome obstacles to team performance, and collaborate to achieve the best team results.

BC Manager 5-27-21.PNG

Leading Others to Success.  Managers, with different levels of experience, come together in-person to learn with each other.  Managers will learn how to get better results through others by using new, proven models and techniques with not only with their direct reports, but also with their leadership, other managers, suppliers, and partners. 

BC LeadingEdge Life After HS 5-27-21.PNG

Preparing for Life After High School.  High school students come together in-person, to connect, collaborate, and learn in a safe, high-energy environment.  They will share ideas, engage in meaningful dialog, explore practical models and practice proven techniques to help them maintain a leading edge in life.

Our success with our Services and BootCamps have been attributed to our strong belief in delivering our services through the in-person face-to-face human connection.  In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we follow the CDC recommended guidelines and have enhanced safety precautions in all of our live in-person meetings and events.  

Contact us to find out more about our steps we take to ensure the safety of our participants.


"Your leadership and coaching style that combines both a down to earth approach, that hits home with a candid and unthreatening approach, that drives people to look both internally at themselves as well as how they fit into a team is phenomenal! I love what you have done for my team and look forward to the additional things you can/will be doing for Champion." 

– M. Yost, President and CEO, Skyline Champion


"I have learned from you that we can make our world a better place one soul at a time, as you have time and time again!"

–  R. Gilles, Vice President, Design, Chrysler LLC


"Katy’s enthusiasm and passion for leadership development was a gift to DaimlerChrysler.  While the corporation was going through stressful times she developed and launched one of the most aggressive leadership programs for the times.  She enrolled senior executives as sponsors, mentors and facilitators for the leadership program to ensure that participants had access to the strategic direction of the corporation.  The program received excellent reviews and had a positive and lasting impact on the corporation."  

--  John G. Management and Executive Development Manager, DaimlerChrysler


"Katy is a great leader, innovator, trainer and speaker.  She has an excellent way of pushing for change in an open and supportive way.  I would highly recommend that schools and businesses hire her to teach them in her Need2Be methods."  

--  Laura R. Organizational Effectiveness Leader, Consultant


"Katy’s ability to think strategically and bring a vision into reality is a huge benefit for Jackson.  She is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve worked with and is always willing to explore new ways to deliver even better results.  Katy is a pleasure to work with and any company would greatly benefit from her expertise." 

-- Libby S. Talent Management, Jackson National Life Insurance


"Your coaching and this program changed my life!"  

--- Sean C. Automotive Engineer, DaimlerChrysler


"The participants learned in 9 months, what took me 12 years to learn!"

--  K. Stepinski, Motorsports Vehicle Engineer


"This Leadership Bootcamp was filled with great content and delivered in a manner that was engaging, informative and enjoyable. Even as a manager with over 30 years’ experience, I found many new takeaways including ones I will use every day."  

--  Paul G. District Manager Manhattan, NY, RGIS


"I wish we had this BootCamp for all our Managers a few years ago!

-- Mick G., CEO, Crestmark Bank

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Need2Be Glossary

Authentic Social Behavior – Social behavior is the interaction of two or more people.  Authentic social behavior means your actions are directly aligned to your values and beliefs and not easily compromised by pressure from others.  Authentic social behavior increases your value as a team member, colleague, friend, family member, and community citizen and enables you to influence and inspire them.  Examples of authentic social behavior would demonstrate your ability to:  be helpful, be kind, be likeable, be confident, be empathetic, collaborate, learn continuously, build relationships, trust and be trustworthy, be competent, be accountable, be productive, be a great communicator. (back)

BootCamp – Our BootCamps are live, in-person learning environments designed for people to come together face-to-face to connect and interact with other human beings.  We choose not to use any slide presentations or other digital technology in this human-energized learning environment.  Instead, in our BootCamps, we quickly and effectively stimulate and harness the human energy, to encourage people to move about the space, engage in meaningful dialogue, tackle real challenges, learn and practice new methods and tools, and make them relevant to their own situations. (back)

Collaboration – Collaboration occurs when two or more people connect and interact to work towards a common goal.  People ask each other open-ended questions; listen to each other with empathy; disagree, debate and dispute ideas with respect; boost creativity; practice clear, concise communications; demonstrate an openness and understood value of the opinions, thoughts and contributions of others; build off each others thoughts and ideas for the best solutions.  (back)

Core Values – Values stem from a person or organizations beliefs and what they believe is most important in life. Samples of core values:  Trust, integrity, healthy work/life balance, diversity, cooperation, safety, community, learning. (back)

Critical and Creative Thinking Skills – Creative thinking seeks to generate something new.  Critical thinking seeks to validate something that already exists.  Both creative and critical thinking require process, communication, problem solving, collaboration, listening, evaluating all sides of an argument, ability to disagree and debate with respect. (back)

Critical Thinkers – Critical thinkers observe and consider new information; seek to understand context; make connections between ideas; make things relevant for their unique situations; can make unbiased, objective decisions; use judgment and intuition to make decisions; and crave continuous learning.

Dynamic Facilitation – Our dynamic facilitation follows the group energy and passion in a meeting or event, making learning and conversation more relevant to participants while still keeping with the goals and objectives of the original learning activity.  (Back)

Emotional Intelligence – EI is the self-awareness and self-management of one’s own beliefs, values, mindsets, emotions, attitudes, behaviors and skills. We help people understand and use the power of choice in what they believe, think, say and do and how they respond to others’ choices. Deliberate emotionally intelligent choices and responses make the best of any social situation -- for ones own benefit as well as for the benefit of others.

Empowering Mindset – Mindset is how you see the world and revolves around the choices you make around your beliefs, emotions, actions and thoughts; your BEAT. Empowering mindsets drive positive outcomes and growth in all aspects of your life. Those with an empowering mindset, for example, choose enabling beliefs, energizing emotions, strategic actions, positive thinking.  (back)

FRESH – FRESH is an acronym for the Fast, Relevant, Energizing, Social and Human-focused proprietary methodologies, models and tools designed by Need2Be, Inc. These methods and tools include fully adaptable, action-oriented floor and wall models; amazing learning tips and techniques; easy to remember and easy to use visual tools; and the Personal Action Log. All our FRESH methods, techniques and tools are designed to help individuals build and apply core values, positive attitudes, empowering mindsets, authentic social behavior, critical and creative thinking required for leadership in all aspects of life.  In addition to the above, Need2Be Partners also receive Need2Be’s FRESH Facilitator and Coaching guides to optimize the use of these methods and tools in their own practice.  (back)

Innovating – the process to transform a creative idea into a product, service or method, creating new value for individuals, teams, businesses, schools, start-up ventures or civilization in general.


In-the-Moment Coaching – Our coaching occurs spontaneously with individuals and groups in any conversation or situation, to seize a learning opportunity.  (back)

Leadership - is a phenomenon that occurs when a person uses certain mindsets, behaviors and skills to drive positive results and to thrive in our constantly changing and complex world -- and helps others do the same.  (back)

Meaningful dialogue – A two-way conversation where both parties respectfully and with trust, exchange their important viewpoints and thoughts about opposing ideas or interests.  The dialogue is meaningful and important, not small-talk or casual banter.  (back)

Peer interaction - People learn from each other and provide support and advice to each other through fun practice activities, meaningful dialogue, one-on-one feedback and through group consultation.  (back)

Personal Action Log (PAL) – This is a collection of all the relevant tools, models and learnings from an individual’s learning experiences.  In this PAL, individuals journal about their most valuable learning and create immediate plans to apply new learnings to reach their own individual and collective goals – at work, in schools, at home and in the community.

Positive Attitude – Attitude is how you interact with the world and how others see you. Positive attitudes include being optimistic no matter what happens – even when facing life’s most difficult challenges. Other positive attitudes: being motivated, cheerful, resilient, sincere, tolerant, responsible, flexible, determined, reliable and humble.  (back)

Glsry-Authentic Social Behavior
Glsry-Core Values
Glsry-Empowering Mindset
Glsry-Crtcl Crtive Thking Skills
Glsry-Positve Attitude
Glsry-Peer interaction
Glsry-InTheMoment Coaching
Glsry-Dynamic Facilitation
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